Eastown SODIC New Cairo Compound Egypt

Eastown Compound New Cairo Egypt Eastown Compound New Cairo  EL thawra St.,Masr El Gdida & Km.38 Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road Sheikh Zayed City, Giza, Egypt Eastown Square New Cairo Multiple layers of security using the latest technology for your safety: • A secure and gated master community, monitored and patrolled by EDARA Security Services. • The neighborhood is gated and secured by a perimeter fence with controlled access for residents only. • Safe, pedestrian-friendly roads....
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Sodic East New Heliopolis

Sodic East New Heliopolis-هليوبلس-الجديده-الشروق
Sodic East New Heliopolis An organised group of persons associated together for benevolent, cultural, scientifc , artistic, political, patriotic, or other purposes A highly structured system of human organisation for large-scale community living At SODIC, we aim to continuously outdo ourselves in all aspects of our work. SODIC has graduated from simply developing a community to becoming a society. We believe in the essence of “society’. In the power of art, sports, culture, sustainab...
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كمبوند ايست تاون التجمع الخامس

Eastown Parks The Green Side of Eastown  Eastown is located on the 90th street in New Cairo City and is directly adjacent to the AUC campus, because of it's great location it is one of the best investment opportunities at the moment. It is built on 200 acres and is made up of apartments and duplexes with a high end commercial and retail area. SODIC has prioritized greenery and landscape in the project by creating a green spine that runs through the heart of Eastown and passes through the 8 ...
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