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Eastown Square Residences New Cairo 


SODIC’s Eastown is now launching its last Neighbourhood, SPECTRUM directly located on Road 90 and adjacent to AUC.

Apartments vary from 130 M2 to 220 M2 and have views on open spaces and greenery. SPECTRUM is in close proximity to EDNC, the commercial, retail and entertainment district of Eastown and a few minutes away from the clubhouse.  


Delivery Underway On the construction front, ten main contractors have mobilised on site resulting in fast and extensive progress, with 130 buildings currently under construction. 48 buildings have been handed over to the handover team, while 25 buildings are almost ready for handover. All scopes have commenced and are currently in progress. Aluminum, wood and elevator scopes have been awarded for Phases IV and V and are in progress for the rest of the development.Eastown-new-cairo-sodic-Compound

Eastown Parks The Green Side of Eastown At Eastown Parks, your family can enjoy the familiarity of an urban lifestyle within the security of a gated community. Eastown Parks is Eastown’s latest residential project, situated around four main parks each located on a different level. The levelling of Eastown Parks enables every home to enjoy unobstructed views of the clubhouse and the Pedestrian Green Spine. Homes at Eastown Parks are designed to be contemporary and offer an efficient use of space, with a focus on open living spaces,
connectability and customisability.

Eastown is located on the 90th street in New Cairo City and is directly adjacent to the AUC campus, because of it’s great location it is one of the best investment opportunities at the moment. It is built on 200 acres and is made up of apartments and duplexes with a high end commercial and retail area. SODIC has prioritized greenery and landscape in the project by creating a green spine that runs through the heart of Eastown and passes through the 8 acre clubhouse located in the center of the project.
Regarding the Payment Plans for Eastown Square new Cairo , we have 2 plans:
1) 5 year plan: 10% down payment, 5% after 3 months, rest divided on quarterly installments over 5 years.
2) 6 year plan: 10% down payment, 10% after 3 months, rest divided on quarterly installments over 6 years.
Kindly note that the designs and floor plans in Phase 9 are completely new as well as the underground parking. We are also launching finished apartments for the first time in Eastown.

SODIC Eastown Square New Cairo is proud to announce the launch of EASTOWN Residences- Phase 9 on November 22nd 2015.
Limited number of Apartments (including Finished) and Duplexes will be
Available over extended payment terms.
SODIC has successfully launched and sold 8 residential phases in the last 2 years, offering a wide range of products including different sized apartments and duplexes.
Eastown, strategically located on Road 90 and neighboring AUC, is a mixed use neighborhood offering residential, commercial and retail, designed to enhance the way you live, work and entertain.
Eastown Residences presents an ultimate opportunity with its impressive product and design quality, community, ahead of schedule delivery, facilities, payment plans and security.

 Eastown Square New Cairo

Egypt Eastown Compound New Cairo  EL thawra St.,Masr El Gdida

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Launch of Eastown Square New Cairo – Phase 9

Duplex in SODIC Eastown New Cairo
10% in advance and the rest divided on quarterly installments 6 years .
250 M + 80 M Garden  Delivery after 3 years
Duplex in SODIC Eastown New Cairo
10% in advance and the rest divided on quarterly installments 6 years .
300 M + Roof Terrace  Delivery after 3 years

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